Workshop - English

The Glass Wall

Emotional Work as a Path to Creativity


Every picture is the portrait of two realities: the one who is photographed and the photographer himself. And if many times we fell we are doing the same photo over an over it is because our creativity is conditioned by our emotional reality. It depends on the spontaneity, not only of the emotions but of the body as well.  Take a look at small children, their bodies and emotions still run free, without the repression and chronic tensions we build as we grow old. And there is no one as creative as them! 

The workshop is based on my own experience as a bioenergetic therapist and photographer. Going trough a deep therapy process and becoming a therapist my self in 2008 changed the way I photograph and express my self. 

Through a series of emotional and photographic exercises, as well as active meditations,  I try to bring my own experience to other photographers. So they can experiment new possibilities and look deeper in the emotional content of their work.

The structure might change depending on the time available for the workshop, but it is based in 4 pillars:

- A talk about creativity, emotions and our body. Also on how we tend to use the camera to protect ourselves emotionally, either hiding behind it or becoming a super man. either way we are disconnected to our subject.

- Bioenergetic exercises and active meditations.

- Photographic exercises.

- Emotional portfolio reading: many times there is a unconscious emotional contend in our photos, bringing it to consciousness makes our work grow.



Camera (digital is better, so you can see what your are producing), a body of work, project or group of images (printed if possible), and light clothes for exercises.


Not recommended to people who have a history of epilepsy and/or convulsions, cardiac issues, and use antidepressive or anti anxiolytic drugs.