Absent Code

The photos have an autobiographical character, they are the documentation of several relationships I had, portraits of my fear of love.

It is also the portrait of how nowadays people relate to each other, having their personal needs ahead of any commitment, spreading the focus of their emotional lives as they avoid reaching deeper in their relations. It is far easier to hop from one partner to another than look deep into our faults and take responsibility for our mistakes.

Our despair drives us toward the other, seeking to fulfill that whole we all have inside of us, our existential pain.

Several are so hurt that they can't relate at all, but hide their fears choosing for their carriers, freedom or any other excuse. In the words of the analist Contargo Calligari " they are people so worried in preserving their freedom that end up preserving their loneness".

Or people can be so needy that that will do anything to have somebody, but the price is equally high.

But if we need love so much, why can't we surrender completely?

It’s the memory of the betrayal of love, as psychotherapist Alexander Lowen explains: there was a time when we knew how to love, when young we were spontaneous, generous, and our love plentiful. But it was not corresponded by our parents in the same grandiosity. This way we go trough life needy and suspicious.

It's like a big misunderstanding... we stay in front of each other, wanting the same things, but can't contact each other.

But still, nothing touches us so deeply and maybe this dissatisfaction is how love makes us grow so much.